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Velashape 3:
Velashape 3: It is a device that pulls the loose skin of the body,
treat cellulite, and dissolve fat during only 3-4 sessions, And the results of the first session,
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Is the treatment of refrigeration, which works to freeze fat and get rid of a large proportion
of them may reach 80% ,Using a very low temperature, an effective technique in the elimination
of accumulated fat in certain areas , It is difficult to get rid of slimming systems such as
fat accumulated around the stomach, lower back, waist area, buttocks, a technique that does
not need surgery or needles, making it painless
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primelase HR
The laser emits concentrated rays of light that target hair follicles.
Light rays are absorbed by the pigment dye, which harms hair follicles
sufficiently to impede future growth.
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